What’s This?


Something’s changed about the bench in my front hall where I leave my riding gear.

When I left this morning, there was just one helmet.

Now…..they seem to be multiplying.

Folks that hang here may remember me talking about trying to find an appropriate ride for Finn, my son.

Well, last weekend, without a great deal of forethought, we discovered that his local community college was teaching their last Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginning Riders Course of the season, and they had one open seat left.

So I wrote them a check.

Smiles abounded.

Or at least Finn’s did.

Sweet Doris, his mom, needed to be reassured.

In retrospect, such reassurance was functionally unnecessary.

Of 9 students that presented for the first class, 6 were still hanging in there on Sunday morning at 7:30, when the temperature on the range was a balmy 29 degrees f.

Of those 6, four obtained their Maryland Motorcycle endorsement after the range test.


All Zeros, Baby!

Finn was the only one to obtain a 100% on the range test.

The boy may have inherited some skills in this after all.

Houston, we have another Motorcyclist!


Just for fun, Finn made a few passes up and down our street on my Toaster this evening.

He looked pretty steady, if a tad tentative with the throttle.

He doesn’t like the brakes.

Pretty heavy thing for me to watch.

Funny, but all of a sudden I can see Finn ending up with this bike.

It always got me home in one piece.

I’d hope that it would bestow on him the same courtesy.


Still, if you know of someone with a small displacement street or dual sport for sale, hit me up.


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