VMs — Virtual Machines



I got my pickup truck back from the dealer Tuesday afternoon.

It had gone in for the correction of two recalls involving control harness shorts and an air curtain control unit that had been firing off the air curtain system at random and hence, distressing, times.

Oh yeah, and an oil change.

As I covered the work on the work order with the dealer’s Service Writer, she slipped the following in at the end where maybe the hope was people wouldn’t notice it.

“Oh, yeah, we checked your ECU software, and it was way out of date, so we updated it.”


They flashed my pickup.

If you’re here you’re well aware that I write about motorcycles. In my day gig, though, I write about technology. It’s somewhat rare that the two subjects overlay, but in this case they do.

If this sounds interesting to you, click here to read more.


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