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Rolling Physics Problem is a motorcycle blog written by Greg Shamieh. Greg believes that masterful motorcycling is an outgrowth of understanding the complex physics of two wheeled vehicles. Greg tried to get the Maryland MVA to fit ‘Rolling Physics Problem’ on a motorcycle vanity tag once, and they still haven’t stopped laughing.

Greg is a lifetime motorcyclist that enjoys writing almost as much as he enjoys being in the saddle. He currently is a regular columnist and Road Test Editor for the Mid-Atlantic’s Motorcycle Times, and his work has appeared in Motorcyclist Magazine, and on the web in One Wheel Drive. Greg also writes about technology topics in Ouroboros.

Greg lives in Frederick County, Maryland, in a tiny rural town with lots of dairy cows, and with many dirt roads complete with stream crossings.   He has been married for 31 years to his wife Doris, a fine artist who paints in watercolor and oils and designs needlework. Greg and his family love to travel and camp in America’s National Parks – usually in homebuilt teardrop camping trailers that Greg and Doris design and build.  Greg is also a skilled poet, an enthusiastic but relatively less skilled musician, and an obsessive BMW motorcycle enthusiast who rides, repairs and restores modern and vintage machines.

8 thoughts on “about Rolling Physics Problem

  1. I love your blog, its a must read for me. Also as a member of the CVMG in Canada, I also forward your blog postings to other local section members. (The types with no BMW in there DNA). BMW or not there are pertinent items in your posts for any bike owner and you capture what it is to be long term/lifelong Motorcyclist in a way Ive not often read. I also own a R75/6 (Bertha) with bodged electrics so lol some of your posts have been really timely as I plan the fixes in that area. Have you ever thought of taking all the postings and publishing in hardcopy?
    Thanks for the effort, art and fun you put into this blog

  2. I came across your blog last year, well…I’m not really sure how. But, what a lucky happenstance it has been. So glad to hear your recent diagnosis was “nothing to worry about” because man, can you write! Your words are extremely visual and while your riding and repair skills are only distant images for me, their impact aren’t diminished in the slightest. I so enjoy the literary rides, emotional (and spiritual?) experiences as if I was there. It’s a unique talent that you have.

  3. Greg – took me about 15 seconds to find the phony emblems.. and the problem and the experience were no surprise to me. There are quite a few stories about that dealership..

  4. Try toastertan.com for replacement roundels. I have followed him for years and he appears to be the real deal for custom designed fork braces and other CNC BMW bling. His badges sound like what you are looking for at a very reasonable price.

    I thoroughly enjoy your “stories”.

  5. Hi Greg!

    I just wanted to know if you completed the manual choke install on the Buell Blast? Did it work? I’ve got a 2007 with a broken autochoke (surprise!) and would love to make this conversion if it fits the bill.

    Many thanks!

    • Sad admission — I never did get it to work. I ended up using parts of the scooter choke kit – the cable seat and adjuster — combined with a Stock HD choke slide (8 mm, as I recall — the scooter slides were 7s) from a Sportster. Those bits fit and opened and closed the slide as needed.

      The challenge I couldn’t crack was finding a proper cable and the routing for same. The undertank real estate is pretty tight, and I just couldn’t identify – using trial and error — a cable with the proper throw and length to run to somewhere useful. HD makes a bracket and cable to mount the choke cable on the carb itself, but on the Blast, that side of the carb is inaccessible.

      It’s a stumper. Its definitely a solvable problem, but my son Finn found ‘an alternate strategy’ when he traded the bike for a Honda CB500F. 😉

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